Q & A

Design Questions

Q: What is the transportation system plan of Yulin Acropolis ? Is there any traffic limitation?
A: Main Street from Zhenyuan Gate (south gate) to Drum Tower section is the light traffic road, allowing electric bicycle, rickshaws, bicycles and walking; Main Street from Drum Tower to Guangyu Gate section is minor roadway. Citizens should park motor vehicles in the south gate parking lot outside Yulin Acropolis and take light traffic or walk into Yulin Acropolis.  
Q: In the Design Assignment, each street section between each Sixth Tower is planned with a theme, such as the Military Themed Section, the Frontier Fortress Themed Section, etc. Has the theme plan been decided? Whether the theme plan has a great influence on the design?
A: The street theme in the Design Assignment is just a reference, not as the design basis of competition, but competitors are encouraged to provide diversified theme design.  

Documents Questions

Q: Is any further information available about site?
A: Competition committee has uploaded the Site Plan, Site Conditions, City Introduction and Information on the competition official website. Please download and check.

Other Questions

Q: I only saw the personal registration entry. Where is the team registration entry?
  A: It is recommended that the number of team members should not exceed 6, and one team leader should be decided.  No more than 2 instructors (If you have).

  Q: I only saw the individual entry. Where is the team entry?  
A: You can register as the team leader. The information of team members is subject to the personal center on the official website of the competition when you submit your work.