Submission Requirements

1.Submission List:
(1) Final work A0 panel ×1;
(2) Video presentation is recommended. (in 2 minutes);
(3) Other supporting materials, including design brochure, electronic model, etc. (If needed).

2.Layout and Format Requirements:
The panel size shall be A0(1189mm x 841mm) Landscape orientation, 1 panel required for each submission. If more than 1 panel is submitted, only the first panel shall be taken. Provide panels that can fully express the creative intention of the work, , as well as design description (combined within the panel) of about 500 words, there are no limits on the scale and effect of all drawings on panel. Please submit the drawing layout (300 dpi, long side is more than 1500 pixels) in the version of jpg. and name the picture according to the content (such as XXX plan 1); Meanwhile, design descriptions should be submitted on the official website of the competition.

Video presentation is encouraged. (in 2 minutes) , for international participants, English subtitles are required for videos. The minimum resolution of the video is 1280*720 pixels, and the size should not exceed 30MB. Any information of names and institutions is not allowed in the video. Please name the video according to the design work; (such as XXX film)
Other supporting materials (including design brochure, electronic model, etc.) can be submitted in soft copies.

3.Submission Method:
(1)Please submit the digital edition of drawings and other documents to:;
(2)After e-mail submission, please visit the official website of the competition:, and fill in the team information and design description.

4.Other Documents:
Documents submitted should be classified according to the following requirements
(1) Folder named ‘Panel’ : Place the drawings (named  according to the work) in a folder;
(2) Folders named ‘Identification’ : Participants from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and international should provide passports scanned copies. Students should also provide scanned copies of their student id cards. All team members’ certificates scanned copies are required. (no more than 6 team members and no more than 2 instructors in each group).
(3) Folders named ‘others’ (optional;) : videos and other design description files;  
(4) Package the “Panel", "Identification" and "Others" folders in ZIP or RAR format, with the size of 50M-100M in total.

5.Submission Language:
The official language of the competition is Chinese and English (English must be included in the language of title and main design description). Chinese and English drawings are required by Chinese competitors; English drawings are required by international competitors.

6.Submission Unit:
International Measurement Units (Meters, Millimeters, etc.)


Individual participants and groups shall agree with and follow the competition requirements and regulations. The organizing committee reserves its right of final interpretation.
1. Entries with words or pictures relating to the name or department of participants in the digital drawings will be disqualified from the competition.
2. Participants have the copyright, while the organization committee can exercise all other rights except authorship.
3. Entries will not be accepted if found to be published under others’ name or in other competitions.
4. Juries cannot act as advisors to participants; otherwise participants will be disqualified from the competition.